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EVOKE It means evoking, remembering who you are, going back to the beginning or starting point, connecting with your essence.


With this meaning was born the idea of ​​a project in which to create a healthy community of people who want to increase awareness, health and presence.
Based on ancestral Hindu practices such as yoga, they tell us that through practice we can achieve nirvana (full happiness that reaches the soul) and through it find our essence and purpose in this life.

The closer we get to our nature, which is nature itself, the more balanced we are and the more peaceful we feel.


EVOKE is a way which aims to help you reach that point of fullness through the conscious practice of yoga and physical exercise, also combining a sustainable and adequate environment to find the natural balance of the human being.

All the items we work with have a sustainable and 100% natural base so as not to harm the environment or people's health, in addition to donating $ 2 from each purchase to THE NATURE CONSERVANCY foundation
The mission of which is to maintain the balance of biodiversity on earth.



The Tree especially upside down, in many Asian and Eastern cultures as well as some ancient culture, means "from the inside out" .
The roots symbolize our consciousness, our mind, spirit, our deepest being, it is only through this that we can shape the rest of the body. (leaves, branches, trunk)

The roots are in full contact with the universe, the essence of the earth, connected with a greater intelligence, this place being the origin from which material forms are born.
It is then through our mind and awareness that it makes its way towards the formation of the entire structure.

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