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A pause in the blue waters


A retreat among crystalline waters, on one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand



Allow yourself a pause

Surround yourself with nature and become aware by practicing yoga and meditation.

Disconnect for 7 days, investing time exclusively in you, separating yourself from the daily and constant stimulation of your environment. Disconnect from mobile phones, work, family, couples, friends, routines and connect with your own essence, finding that space of inner peace and tranquility.


A place that offers your body and mind the space and time necessary to connect with all those elements that contribute to well-being, health, energy, motivation, and the will to live.

Take advantage of the benefits that being surrounded by nature brings you, "that place we all come from", so enjoy this place for; reflection, reconnection, and healing, to give welcome to what is new to come.

Practice Yoga

Breathe yoga, Think yoga, Live yoga

Dive in a week full of pure yoga, living and experiencing the traditional teachings of this ancient practice that will lead you to discover the deepest aspects of yourself.


"When the mind controls the person, it is Bhoga (bondage), but when the person controls the mind, it is Yoga"


Take control of your mind and body by indulging in an exceptional practice, nutrition and environment so that it finds a space of peace and freedom in itself and also provides the rest and vitality it deserves.

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BAAN TALAY - YOGA RESORT  Koh Tao | Thailand

One of the most private and beautifully designed accommodations on Koh Tao.
It is a hidden gem, a step back to the tropical holidays of yesterday.


Located in the amazing Aow Leuk bay on the Southeast side of Koh Tao Island, this bay has some of the best snorkeling and coral reefs you can find around these shores.

A short 5 minute walk through our tropical forest and you will find yourself at our beachfront area with the beauty of the tropical seas a step away.


The rooms at Baan Talay are the picture postcard Thai-style bungalows. 

 All the rooms have been designed to fit in with the beautiful nature of the island, hammock or relaxing area for you to make the most of the moment to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature.

7 days 7 nights

Allow yourself a break in a rural environment in the middle of nature, bringing to body and mind the benefits of mother earth.
Individual and shared rooms designed for your optimal rest.


A balanced diet designed to provide you with all the necessary nutrients during your practice, based on the concepts of neuropathy and macrobiotics.

Breakfast and dinner included, snacks and teas throughout the stay.


7 days immersed in nature, connecting with the environment and providing your body and mind with pure and fresh air.

Find yourself surrounded by crystal clear Thai waters, tropical palm trees and verdant nature.

yoga + fun

Not everything is Yoga or it depends on how you look at it, everything is Yoga.
In this retreat we will enjoy some activities that will make us feel even more alive and even more connected with nature and the authenticity of things.


JUNE 2023

From Saturday 10 to Saturday 17


DELUXE QUEEN BED COTTAGE (Only 1)                           5'750 AED / $1,566
SEA VIEW HUT DOUBLE BED                                             4'800 AED / $1,307
JUNGLE BUNGALOW DOUBLE BED                                 4'700 AED / $1,267
LUXURY CAMPING PRIVATE (Only 1)                                  4'320 AED / $1.172

LUXURY CAMPING TWIN (2 people Sharing)                    3'520 AED / $960
LUXURY CAMPING SHARE (3/4 people Sharing)             3'150 AED / $855

Sold Out

Sold Out

Including accommodation, brunch and dinner


Luxury accommodation
Brunch and Dinner every day
2 yoga sessions a day
Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
1 Chinese medicine consultation and acupuncture session
Thai Lanterns release

not included

International and/or domestic flight
Transportation from the port to the resort
Ferry from Koh Samui
Travel insurance

koh tao beach.jpg



How to get

1- Take flight to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
2-Domestic flight to Koh Samui
3-Ferry Koh Samui (Pralarn Pier) to Koh Tao

       Day 10 Schedule:

                  Departure 8:00 - Arrival 9:30
                  Departure 12:30 -
Arrival 14:15
         Day 17 Schedule:                 
               Departure 9:30 - Arrival 11:30                 
               Departure 15:00 - Arrival 16:30

4- Pickup at the Pier is not included in the price, but it is convenient that we book it in advanced for the transfer to the Resort.
5- The island is very small and the means of transportation is usually by scooter, so if you know how to drive a motorcycle it is a plus for you, although we also have a taxi option.

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